James Avery Passes Away

By RyanMassie

Jan 01, 2014

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  • DesertWolf May 03, 2014

    We will miss him so much, I really like him and his acting, he always made me smile....RIP James..., God bay myfriend

  • patsully Jan 04, 2014

    This Fresh Prince scene was pretty great, even if all he did was react, quietly as Will Smith learned to act dramatically:

  • Raccoon1459 Jan 04, 2014

    One of my favorite Uncle Phil moments is when he confronted Will's father. That's quite a dramatic moment there.

  • RaizenYusuke Jan 03, 2014

    I had no idea he passed away. This is really surprising. Everything I've seen him in I liked. R.I.P. James Avery.

  • damnfo0l Jan 03, 2014

    Glad they had the reunion recently before he passed away.

    RIP James Avery/Uncle Phil you shall be missed.

  • CaitlinRice Jan 03, 2014

    I had just watched a couple episodes the other day too. So sad. :(

  • MrToohip Jan 03, 2014

    I can honestly say I never saw a James Avery performance I did not enjoy. He was one of those actors who always brought a smile to my face and joy to my heart. This situation is an inevitability for all of us. It still doesn't ease the pain. We'll miss you, big man.

  • bluecatcinema Jan 02, 2014

    A sad loss. RIP.

  • Bloodangel Jan 02, 2014

    May James Rest In Peace

  • claudia40 Jan 02, 2014

    Sad new indeed condolences to his family/friends.

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