The List Episode

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Quotes (3)

  • Serena Publicist: Serena you wanna go out with Malik Wright? Serena: Malik Wright, how many yards he throw last year? S.P: I dunno I think it was over 3,000. Serena: Oh yeah girl, hook that up!!!

  • Serena: Sorry I'm late. Tasha: Hey Serena! I got a seat for you right here next to Mama Tasha! Kelly: Tasha, she can't be here. Girlfriends have to prove at least a three month commitment by documentation or unplanned pregnancy! Tasha: Well I need the rules bent. Now if not for our dear friendship then for he fact that I will fire your ass if you cause me not to tine her as a client! Kelly: Say please. Tasha: No! Kelly: (Smiling) You just said please in your tone! Carry on.

  • Malik: You gonna kick the only two black people of my party out?! You know what? You're trippin' woman!