The Games (Australia)

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  • John: "[T]hese proceedings are being broadcast live by satellite which is not something I understand but my kids tell me is 'way cool'."

  • John: "And for those of you not from here, we'd like to welcome you to Australia, to our country. I don't know whether we might need an interpreter for those of you. I hope many of you do speak English because we in Australia speak a language we are told is very like English and that will enable you to perhaps grasp aspects of what we are saying."

  • John: "It's a huge undertaking, yes, no question about that. And it will be very exciting. I suppose the magnitude of it though ... I would have expected when I took the job on -- it changes all the time. [...] It changes all the time. I mean it stays the same and yet it constantly changes so it's a pretty interesting job, and of course, it is the Olympics. I mean, it doesn't really get any bigger. This is the main event."

  • John: "Winning the Greater Iceland Open is more prestigious than winning the gold medal in the Olympics in tennis."
    Bryan: "I would have thought the runner-up in the Greater Iceland Open would have been more prestigious."
    Gina: "I thought being a spectator in the Greater Iceland Open would be more prestigious."
    John: "Having heard of the Greater Iceland Open is a personal triumph by comparison."

  • John: "For a fleeting moment, the very top nation on the medal tally at the 2000 Olympics in Sydney will be which prominent democracy?"

  • John: "Surely a sport, by definition, should be something we've all heard of."

  • Gina: "This whole schedule is just worked out to suit American television isn't it?"
    John: "Well, they're paying for it, it might as well be worked out to suit them."

  • John: "I've got a very nice ... (into the phone) Pardon? ... I've got a very nice Mr. Clinton on the blower here who I have not ever had time to speak to."

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Trivia (1)

  • In one shot, Gina takes her glasses off. In the next shot, they're back on.

Allusions (2)

  • Gina: Yes, mea culpa Mea culpa is Latin phrase meaning "my fault".

  • John: Millie, Olly and Syd? Millie, Olly and Syd were the official mascots for the 2000 Olympics; Millie the Echidna (named for Millennium), Olly the kookaburra (for Olympics), and Syd the Platypus (for Sydney).