The Gene Autry Show

CBS (ended 1956)
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  • S 5 : Ep 13


    Aired 12/24/55

  • S 5 : Ep 12

    The Rangerette

    Aired 12/17/55

  • S 5 : Ep 11

    Ride, Ranchero!

    Aired 12/10/55

  • S 5 : Ep 10

    Saddle Up

    Aired 12/3/55

  • S 5 : Ep 9

    Feuding Friends

    Aired 11/26/55

  • Cast & Crew
  • Gene Autry

    Gene Autry/Narrator

  • Pat Buttram

    Patrick "Pat" Buttram

  • Harry Harvey


  • Denver Pyle


  • James Best

    Bank Teller

  • show Description
  • Episodes: 78 (b&w)/15 (color) Gene Autry is one of America's favorite cowboys in history, and The Gene Autry Show was one of the first television shows in America, premiering in 1950. Gene Autry, a.k.a. The Singing Cowboy, been featured in a ton of western movies with Smiley Burnette. Later, a good friend, Pat Buttram became Gene's sidekick and were also featured movies together. Then in 1950, Gene Autry and Pat Buttram made "The Gene Autry Show" The Gene Autry show last from 1950 to 1956 with 91 successfull episodes. Seasons 1-4 were in B & W, Season 5 was in color. The Gene Autry Show was produced by Flying A Pictures, Gene's own television production company, which was also the name of his ranch on the show. The Gene Autry Show is now in reruns and can be viewed on the digital cable channel, Westerns Channel. The Gene Autry Show was about a singing cowboy, and his deputy partner, Pat Buttram who ride the west to help kids, women, men, or other misfourtunate people and bring the outlaws to justice. Gene Autry was always the upright person, recognized by the fans who adored him, while his partner Pat Buttram was clumsy, a lousy cook, and just plain careless. Together, they made a great team and a dynamic duo for western TV. The Gene Autry Show was originally knowned as "Melody Ranch", possibly because Gene is the Singing Cowboy afterall. Episodes: 78 (b&w)/15 (color) The Charcters Gene Autry: The title character of the show. Rides through the west singing on his horse, Champion. Gene Autry is a U.S. Marshal. Pat Buttram: Gene Autry's sidekick who, can't hold a cake without falling into it, can't cook a burger without burning it, and can't play a whistle without swallowing it. Sometimes on the show (only in the early episodes) he was also knowned as Pat Jensen, Patrick Smith, and Hap Wallace. He loves to eat, and wishes he had a girl (he did in real life though) Champion (aka Champ): Gene's loyal horse. Really smart too, he once noticed a waterhole was poisoned while Gene didn't know at first. Little Champ:Champions's son. (season 5 only) Show Notes: *All of Gene's sidekicks (Pat, Tiny, Sagebrush, Chill) always wear the same outfit...tan 10-gallon hat, a blue and white plad shirt, leather vest, and kacky pants. *Before Pat Buttram, Gene's sidekick was Smiley Burnett. *Pat Buttram's real life wife, Sheila Ryan has played characters on the show before. *The reason why Pat had a little "hiatus" on the show (with Tiny, Sagebrush, and Chill Wills as the sidekicks) was because of a horrible misfire of a cannon during the filming of the show. *The Gene Autry Show later had a spin-off called ""The Adventures of Champion"" in 1955.moreless

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  • Quotes (18)

    • Collins: You told a lie! Patrick: Well now, I ain't never told a lie in ma' life. If I did, I wouldn't be standing on my own two feet! (falls down)

    • Sue: Now don't tell me your going to eat all that?! Pat: Sure, why not? Sue: Don't you have any consideration for your stomach? Pat: Nope, cause it ain't got none fer me!

    • Sue: (to Warren Kent) Well please Mr. Kent, let me show around the town. Pat: (imitating to Gene) Well please Mr. Autry, let me show you around... Gene: Aw shut up! (trips Pat)

    • Sue: Gene, I sure have been a stupid fool. I wouldn't blame you if you were to spank me. Gene: Really? Cause that's exactly what I'm gonna do right now! (starts spanking Sue)

    • Mary: Oh I'm sorry. Did you hurt yourself? Pat: Oh no, I like to take a nice trip.

    • Gene: I'm sorry Mr. Buttram, I'm Gene Autry......I'm the foreman of the... Pat: (interrupts) A foreman?! Well it's nice to meet you Mr. "Autery"!

    • PAT: (wearing a fake beard) Well you know Mr. Gene... GENE: Not now Pat! (a minute later) PAT: (wearing fake eyes and a magnifying glass) Gene, I... GENE: (frustrated) What are you trying to tell me Pat?! PAT: I know where the Black Rider's hide-out is! It's in a brown-stoned cabin up on Ghost Mountain, I saw "him" when I was making a claim! GENE: Well, why didn't you tell me? PAT: (upset) Why didn't I tell you?!! (Gene has been ignoring Pat while he talks to the sheriff.) PAT: I'm glad to meet you Mr. "Autery"!

    • PAT: (playing with the baby's wind up duck) I haven't played with one of these things since I was a little tike m'self. GENE: I'll buy you one for Christmas! PAT: Gee thanks!

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    Notes (32)

    • In this episode, Pat Buttram portrays Pat Jensen, instead of himself.

    • In this episode, Pat Buttram portrays Patrick Smith, instead of himself.

    • In this episode, Pat Buttram portrayed Hap Wallace, instead of himself.

    • Due to an injury during a cannon misfire, Pat Buttram is replaced as Gene's sidekick by Alan Hale Jr. in this episode.

    • The opening theme in the episode was off-key.

    • Pat Buttram doesn't appear in this episode and was replaced as Gene's sidekick by Chill Wills (who portrayed himself).

    • The opening theme in this episode was off-key.

    • Pat Buttram doesn't appear in this episode, and was replaced as Gene's sidekick by Alan Hale Jr.

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    Trivia (7)

    • What is with these people? Now they're calling Pat Buttram, Patrick Smith. This ain't right! I like Pat, he's funny! Stop changing his name!

    • This appears to be the first episode in which Pat Buttram's character uses his own name. It includes a scene where Gene "meets" Pat for the first time.

    • Gene and Pat didn't know who each other was.

    • Gene and Pat didn't know who each other was again. How can they not know, Pat's Gene's sidekick.

    • The opening theme music was messed up in this episode.

    • Since when was Pat a beautician?

    • The sheriff tells Gene that he forgot to untie his deputy and take off his gag. However, Gene simply put him in a cell and did not gag and tie him.

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  • This was a classic TV Western series.

    By vicmackey31, Apr 14, 2006

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