The Godzilla Power Hour

The Deadly Asteroid

Season 2, Ep 13, Aired
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  • Episode Description
  • Temperatures across the Earth begin dropping to unusually low levels, and the Calico crew travel to the North Pole to investigate a UFO sighting, which they suspect to be connected to the temperature aberrations in some way. The crew then discovers that numerous icebergs are present, and the water levels are dropping at an alarming rate due to the freezing of the oceans. The source of the problem is also discovered hidden in one of the icebergs, which turns out to be a spaceship containing an advanced race of cold temperature dwelling, semi-humanoid hostile aliens referred to as the Ice People, who hail from the frigid asteroid Frios. By using their ultra-sophisticated magnetic wave generators, the Ice People declare to the Calico crew their intentions to direct Frios to Earth, thereby causing the planet to enter a new Ice Age to make the world more palatable to the aliens for future conquest [actually, bringing such a large asteroid near the Earth would cause far more damage than a temperature reduction, as the conflicting gravitational forces would tear both celestial bodies apart; the aliens need to improve their scientific research, and also need to explain why they can't simply find another asteroid to colonize, as there must be literally millions of suitable floating rocks in the galaxy]. Although the crew is taken captive, Godzooky calls Godzilla, who confronts the aliens' super weaponry. Unfortunately, the Ice People use their cold generating technology to encase Godzilla in ice, sending him into suspended animation. Escaping from the aliens and returning to the Calico, the crew has Brock and Pete melt the ice surrounding Godzilla via the heated exhaust from their mini-sub, and the Kaiju King is then instructed to perform the (rather ludicrous) feat of turning the Ice Peoples' spaceship upside-down, a feat that reverses the magnetic polarity of the vessel and sends Frios away from the Earth, thereby negating the temperature reduction. Intimidated by the power of Earth's guardian kaiju, the Ice People summarily call off their plans of conquest and retreat back into outer space (and probably realized they should have just found one of the millions of other suitable asteroids floating about in the void of outer space in the first place, rather than going through all of the elaborate trouble of reducing the temperature of an entire inhabited planet, and subjugating its sizable populace on top of it all).moreless

  • Cast & Crew
  • Al Eisenmann


  • Hilly Hicks

    Brock (voice)

  • Don Messick

    Godzooky (vocal effects)

  • Jeff David

    Captain Carl Majors (voice)

  • Ted Cassidy

    voice of Godzilla

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