The Godzilla Power Hour

The Macro Beasts

Season 2, Ep 10, Aired
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  • Episode Description
  • Pet and Brock go with Godzooky to an island but a new Volcano appears and they become trapped in visor when the volcano erupts and starts to close treating to crash them Godzooky cries out and Godzilla emerges from the water and arrives on the island to save the three of them then take them back to the Calico and then Godzilla takes the Calico far away form the Volcano and return to the ocean. Later on Pet and Brock spot a group of Seas Horses that where as big as real horses (That's want Pet said) then they spot a giant jellyfish so Brock and Quinn take the Mini-copter and checks out the volcano Quinn spots purple stuff poring out of the Volcano into the water. They are soon attacked by a Giant Manta Ray and hit the back propeller causing them to fall but luckily Godzilla shows up to save then and dose battle with the Manta Ray and forces it away. Later on Quinn and Brock took a Mini-Sub and Quinn took some of the purple stuff they where attacked by a Giant Crab but escaped but not before taking damage. Later Dr. Darian discovers that the purple stuff is a super food that causes the fish to grow beyond there normal size. Capt. Majors comes up with an idea to uses the Mini-Subs to rounded up the sea animal and herd them into and underwater coral Capt. Majors and Brock utilize their mini-sub and started to round up the animals with Godzooky opening and closes the exist they where doing fine until the meet up with electric eels with are too powerful for them. So Capt. Majors calls Godzilla how dives them into the coral Godzilla serifs and dose Battle with another Giant Manta Ray (I'm not sure if this is the same one as before) but Godzilla dives it back. But they realized that the monsters are still growing and Quinn says the must cool the water to reverse the growth but Capt. Majors realizes they need and iceberg so they send Godzilla to the Antarctic to get a big iceberg. The Kaiju King returns and shoves the ice into the coral enclosure containing the giant fish, and the cooler waters succeed in reducing the sea life back to their normal size.moreless

  • Cast & Crew
  • Al Eisenmann


  • Hilly Hicks

    Brock (voice)

  • Don Messick

    Godzooky (vocal effects)

  • Jeff David

    Captain Carl Majors (voice)

  • Ted Cassidy

    voice of Godzilla

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  • Trivia & Quotes
  • Trivia (3)

    • When Godzilla is in the South Pole looking for some ice, you can see for one second that his eye and teeth stand out from the rest of his body. It's because of an inking problem.

    • When Godzilla is helping out Carl and Brock fight the giant eels, he shoots while lazers from his eyes! But they return to red when they hit the eels!

    • When Pete, Brock and Godzooky are trapped on the cliff, Pete orders Godzooky to call Godzilla. Was it really necessary for Godzooky to call Godzilla? Why couldn't he have flown Pete and Brock out of there? It was probably to dangerous for him to fly anyway.

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