The Godzilla Power Hour

The Time Dragons

Season 1, Ep 13, Aired 12/9/78
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  • Episode Description
  • When the Calico is about to be struck by a falling satellite, Godzilla is called to the rescue. Although the Big G saves the crew by catching the satellite, energy emissions from the device create a freak time warp that sends Godzilla and the Calico back one million years in the past. There they are soon attacked by a Diplodocus, who the much larger Godzilla easily drives away with a few spurts of his fiery breath [actually, the Diplodocus, a prehistoric herbivore which resembled the Apatatosaurus in body form but was lighter and much longer in length with a somewhat elongated head, was a peaceful creature and shouldn't have attacked the crew; for that matter, dinosaurs of that type became extinct before the end of the Jurassic Period, over 100 million years ago, and shouldn't have co-existed with either the Tyrannosaurus or the cavemen seen later in this episode]. While exploring the prehistoric terrain, the crew meet and befriend a tribe of cavemen who they teach to defend themselves against the dinosaurs by building a catapult [since Dr. Darian, a scientist, isn't surprised by the dinosaurs and cavemen co-existing, as any 5th grader from our reality would be, it can be presumed that the prehistoric history of the animated Godzilla's reality is much different from that of our own history; further, the cavemen speak perfect English, including a contemporary dialect, yet another blatant indication that the writers were more interested in telling an entertaining story than providing the viewers with historic accuracy, despite the realistic depictions of the cavemen drawing events in their lives on the walls of the caves, as Cro-Magnon man actually appears that this episode couldn't decide whether to educate or mislead the viewers]. When the crew and the cavemen are later attacked by a vicious Tyrannosaur-like dinosaur equal to the Big G in height, Godzilla is called upon once more, and he engages the giant carnosaur in battle [yet another example of an historic inaccuracy provided for the purposes of dramatic entertainment; no real-life carnosaur was anywhere near as large as Godzilla's 160 foot height, not even the dreaded "super-predator" known as the Spinosaurus, but as I said before, this is an alternate reality here, so I digress]. As the two monsters continue their fight, a sudden earthquake opens a fissure in the earth that releases a large pocket of liquid uranium. Curious, Godzilla picks the substance up, and the energy from the uranium somehow reverses the time warping effect around the Big G and returns him to the present. Now in danger once more, but formulating a plan, Dr. Darian directs the cavemen to fire a huge gob of the uranium at the carnosaur, who catches it, activating the time warping effects once more, this time whisking both the Calico crew and the carnosaur himself back to the present, a few moments before they were originally sent back in time (for some reason, they didn't encounter temporal duplicates of themselves, obviously a story error). Godzilla and his carnosaurian adversary then continue their battle in the present, when the crew notices the satellite falling. In order to avoid being sent back in time again, and to get rid of the carnosaur, the crew has Godzooky communicate to Godzilla not to catch the satellite this time, but merely to push it away. He does so, and this time the carnosaur catches it instead of Godzilla, and the time warp carries the bloodthirsty dinosaur back into the past.moreless

  • Cast & Crew
  • Al Eisenmann


  • Hilly Hicks

    Brock (voice)

  • Don Messick

    Godzooky (vocal effects)

  • Jeff David

    Captain Carl Majors (voice)

  • Ted Cassidy

    voice of Godzilla

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