The Golden Girls

A Little Romance

Season 1, Ep 13, Aired 12/14/85
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  • Episode Description
  • Rose has been dating Dr. Jonathan Newman and begins to think their relationship is leading to the alter. However she begins to have second thoughts especially since he's a midget. Meanwhile, Sophia goes away for the weekend for her grandson's graduation.

  • Cast & Crew
  • Betty White

    Rose Nylund

  • Bea Arthur

    Dorothy Zbornak

  • Rue McClanahan

    Blanche Devereaux

  • Estelle Getty

    Sophia Petrillo

  • Barry Fanaro

  • Fan Reviews (6)
  • One of the funniest half an hours in TV history.

    By damanray, May 31, 2010

  • Rose is dating Dr.Jonathan Newman but neglects to mention one little thing. He's a midget! When he arrives for dinner at Blanche's invitation, the laughs begin and don't stop.

    By grewupwatching, Feb 25, 2010

  • May I take your height?

    By readysetgo88, Aug 17, 2008

  • Short but sweet.

    By tvFanatic2008, Oct 10, 2006

  • Shrimp?

    By Ummagnumma, Jan 26, 2006

  • Trivia & Quotes
  • Quotes (13)

    • Dorothy: Ma, what are you doing? Sophia: What does it look like? I'm putting clam sauce in my suitcase. Dorothy: I think they serve a snack on the plane. Sophia: Ha, ha. You kill me.

    • Blanche: So, Rose, you're seeing a psychiatrist. Sophia: It's about time. The woman gives names to her gingerbread men.

    • Blanche: I've found a great way to meet more men. Sophia: "More men? You're gonna need a turnstile in your bedroom.

    • (After Blanche has told of her forbidden affair with a Yankee.) Dorothy: A Yankee! That is incredible! And to think they made a movie about that deadbeat Ghandi when there's a story like this that hasn't been told.

    • Blanche: (opening the door for Jonathan and mistaking him for someone else) Oh, sorry, little boy, we already get the newspaper delivered. (closes door in his face) Dorothy: Who was that? Blanche: Oh, just one of the Donaldson kids, trying to sell us a magazine subscription. Dorothy: (doorbell rings again) Oh, those Donaldson boys won't take no for an answer. (opens door) Jonathan: Hello, I'm Dr. Jonathan Newman. Dorothy: (long pause) Are you absolutely sure? Jonathan: Yes. May I come in? Dorothy: Oh, of course, of course, please come in. May I take your height--I mean, your hat?

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    Notes (5)

    • Rose and Jonathan both had issues with their relationship. Rose was concerned because Jonathan was a little person. Jonathan was concerned because Rose wasn't Jewish.

    • The background shot during the closing credits features Dorothy, Rose and Blanche in Rose's room during the dream sequence, as Blanche pulls Rose's leg up in the air, trying to get her off the bed.

    • In the dream sequence, Rose's father appears, albeit he is supposed to be much smaller to prove a point. However, it is not mentioned that he is her adopted father.

    • Terry Hughes received an Emmy nomination for Best Directing in a Comedy Series for this episode.

    • This episode won the Emmy for: -Outstanding Writing in a Comedy Series -Outstanding Technical Direction for a Series

    Trivia (2)

    • Goof (Continuity): Sofia claims to get along with Phil's wife alright, but in "Ebbtide's Revenge", she cannot stand her.

    • Tony Carreiro who plays the waiter in the restaurant in this episode returns later in the season in the episode entitled "Flu Attack" to play yet another waiter. He returns once more in a fifth season episode entitled "72 Hours" to play Rose's doctor. Most may know him best from his role as Joe, Daphne's love interest on Frasier.

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