An Illegitimate Concern

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    Blanche learns the truth about George the real shocking truth.

    By yuki_megami, Oct 26, 2006

    Blanche begin to tell the other girls about an mysterous man who was following her for no reason at all.Which got her suspious of course.So when he came back again.Blanche confronts him and he confesses that he is George's son.Which made Blanche not believing this at all even to know that George had cheated on her.Meanwhile Sophia and Dorthy enter the mother and daughter contest.While posing as Sonny and Cher.Blanche still relunted and not to believed that George has cheated on her.Rose than told her that her husband never cheated on her.Than later on reveals that Charlie did cheated on her.Blanche begin to relized about the diamound that George gave her from Texa.It was an apologize about him cheating on her.Which she did not know about.

    Pretty good episode also it was funny how Rose cried with the song from Sonny and Cher which reminded her back home.moreless

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