And Ma Makes Three

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  • 6.1

    Sophia ruins Dorothy's relationship

    By readysetgo88, Aug 09, 2008

    I think sometimes throughout the series it's difficult to know whether to laugh at how much Sophia messes with Dorothy or whether it's actually pretty sad. This episode is a good example of where it's not funny. I don't hate the episode (there are quite a few that are a lot worse) but I do think it's somewhat sad. I usually don't feel sorry for Dorothy even when Sophia is making fun of her, but here it seems awful that Sophia is messing up her relationship with a good guy when it really should be obvious to Sophia that she's ruining things for her. Sophia is depicted as a bit tactless, but not generally uncaring, and so I think it's out of character for her to do this to Dorothy. And I always wondered what happened after Sophia left on her vacation. I would hope that Dorothy called up her boyfriend and told him she could go, but of course they didn't show that... Again, this episode watchable, but not one of my favorites.moreless

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  • 7.8

    Sophia needs to meet some new friends.

    By tvFanatic2008, Oct 10, 2006

    I did like how Sophia met her new friends and seeing how Dorothy's plans kept getting screwed up because of her. I liked how Sophia thought they were all going on vacation. However, I think that Dorothy should have believed Sophia when she told Dorothy that she had new friends.

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    Dorthy invites Sophia along on one of her dates.....

    By yuki_megami, Sep 10, 2006

    When Sophia friends move away or passed away.Sophia was alone in the house all the time.So guity Dorthy decided to bring Sophia along on dates.Little did she know that Sophia will be tagging along with them on their date.For Dorthy's boyfriend he thinks that he can't handle dating Dorthy Mother.Dorthy tries not to tell Sophia that she doesn't want Sophia on their little date anymore.She still feels guity about doing this.But the most funny part was when Rose start to tell an St.Olaf story.Except it was an bit different an comic kind.Even when Dorthy cancel her date.She learns that Sophia is going with someone else on vacation well with her new friends.moreless

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