Big Daddy's Little Lady

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    Big mummy is in town

    By damanray, May 10, 2009

    So big daddy is back, played by a different actor, and he has big news: 'He's getting married'

    Blanche lets out a massive scream when told and big daddy isn't sure if she's happy.

    Big Daddy: Is she happy?

    Rose: I don't know... i've never heard her make that sound before

    Dorothy: No i've heard her make the sound and i can assure you... she was happy

    One of my favorite lines of the series

    Ofcourse blanches happiness changes to anger when we meet Margaret,who is even younger than Blanche

    The Sub plot of the episode is Rose and Dorothy writing a song about the city of Miami for 10,000 dollars.

    I love the conflicting personalities coming together. Rose's playful nature and Dorothy's no joke zone

    Dorothy: Tickle the ivories rose

    Rose: (tickling the piano keys) googi googi goo

    Dorothy: Rose.. play or die

    The only reason i didn't give this episode a 10 is because of the scene were blanche talks to big Daddy at the hotel. It was boring and although touching at times, it didn't really workmoreless

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    Big Daddy is finally getting remarried.

    By yuki_megami, Sep 10, 2006

    Dorthy and Rose decides to enter an song writing contest.Blanche father comes with an big news which is that he was getting married.He explained that his fiancee is flying from Miami.Except he forgot to tell Blanche one detail that the woman he was going to marry is and the age of her.So she probbably got the idea that she was much older than Blanche was.Blanche was so excited about meeting Big Daddy fiancee,she goes in an deep shock.When she see's that she was younger than Big Daddy and her of course.She couldn't accept her father getting married to an younger woman.But in th end she gave up and let Big Daddy get married to her.moreless

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