Blanche and the Younger Man

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Quotes (30)

  • Sophia: She stuck around to play hi li. Dorothy: Why didn't you stay? Sophia: I'm too short to play hi li.

  • Blanche: He was looking for a mother not a lover. Rose: I think it's sweet. Blanche: You would Betty Crocker.

  • [Blanche is exercising in a crouched position as Dorothy watches] Dorothy: The only time I get in that position is when I give birth.

  • Rose: I want you all to meet my mother, Mrs. Lindstrom. THIS IS BLANCHE AND THIS IS DOROTHY AND SOPHIA! Dorothy: VERY NICE TO MEET YOU. TELL ME HOW WAS YOUR TRIP? Alma Lindstrom: IT WAS JUST FINE! (to Rose) Alma Lindstrom: Which one of them is hard of hearing?

  • Dorothy: (while Blanche is exercising vigorously) Are you all right? Blanche: No, but it's worth it. No pain, no gain. I've gotta look good for Dirk. A man his age is used to a woman with a trim body and good tone. Dorothy: Then buy him a Princess phone.

  • Sophia: Did this Ben teach you how to gamble? Alma: He taught me how to play cards and how to carve a pistol out of soap. (Cocking her finger and clicking her tongue)

  • Alma: I hired a farm hand. He was such a nice young man. He raved about my cooking. I guess they didn't feed him very well in prison.

  • Rose: You dated a younger man! Dorothy: Yes, Rose. Of course, it was before I had the hump on my back.

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Notes (1)

  • The background shot during the closing credits features Rose as her mother (Alma) cradles her.

Trivia (4)

  • In this episode Sophia said that she used to be a blonde. However in "Whose Face is this anyway", Sophia said that she used to have red hair.

  • Alma and Rose play mother and daughter in this episode, but in reality, Jeanette Nolan (Alma) is only ten years older than Betty White (Rose)!

  • It is revealed in this episode, though not exact, that Blanche is over 50.

  • In this episode there is no mention of Rose being adopted. The way her and Alma interact, there is no dialogue to indicate that Alma is not her biological mother.

Allusions (2)

  • Dorothy: Blanche thinks she's Peter Pan and Rose is turning into Mommie Dearest. Sophia: That's nothing. You think you're Josephine: The Plumber This quote is in reference to Peter Pan, who was a boy who refused to grow up, Mommie Dearest was a book and movie about a daughter's relationship with her cruel mother, Joan Crawford and Josephine: The Plumber who was the mascot and spokesperson for Comet Cleanser portrayed by Jane Withers.

  • Blanche: Read any good books lately? Dirk: Pumping Iron. I saw the movie, too, but I don't think it did the book justice. This quote is in reference to Pumping Iron which is a film and book that focuses on the Mr. Olympia bodybuilding competition in 1975 with Arnold Schwarzenegger, Lou Ferrigno and Franco Columbu.