Blanche Delivers

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    Rose's Storie's

    By PatrickTritsc, Feb 13, 2014

    i love Rose's St Olaf Stories they were so funny

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  • 4.3

    I like the first Rebecca better.

    By NoriNice, Sep 04, 2006

    I suppose I can never get used to the Rebecca switch. I really liked the actress who played the first, full-figured Rebecca. The new one is too skinny and the feminist rhetoric gets old. I would have much preferred a follow-up with "Rebecca 1" after she dumps the loser, Jerry, and settles back into life in the US. I also thought Blanche wanting to put her on a diet was cute.

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  • 7.6

    A true trendsetter. . .

    By hobermandob, Jul 17, 2005

    This episode tells us about A.I. About how a woman can raise a child on her own, without the help of a man. It proves to America that women can make it on their own. And Blanche finds it hard to deal with considering the way she was brought up. However, in the end, as always, mother and daughter love each other again.

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