Blanche Delivers

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  • Blanche: You know, being at the birthing center today brought back vivid memories of when I delivered Rebecca. It was so wonderful. When I woke up, there she was in my arms, just as goofy and hung over as I was. I vowed right then and there to have 20 more! Rose: Well, what stopped you? Blanche: The drugs wore off.

  • Dorothy: Honey, why don't you just quit? Rose: Oh, they have a name for people for quit. They call them quitters! Sophia: Don't let them call you that, Rose. You make them stick with "idiot."

  • Rose: They've been in there an awfully long time. Sophia: it took me 3 days to have Dorothy, I finally coaxed her out, with a pork chop.

  • Blanche: (to Becky) You know, the first time I held you in my arms, I knew I was holding someone I'd love for the rest of my life.

  • Rebecca: I'm going to have my baby in a natural birthing center with no painkillers. Blanche: Becky, honey, I told you where babies come from, did I ever mention where they come out?

  • Dorothy: So how's being pregnant? Rebecca: Allright, except for the hormones. Yesterday I cried when the mail was late. Rose: Oh no, her mail was late! Dorothy: (to Becky) Can you imagine what she was like WITH hormones?

  • Dorothy: Becky, wouldn't you rather have your baby in a place with less stereo and more... (woman in labor screams) Dorothy: Morphine? Rebecca: Why is she screaming? Sophia: She's conscious.

  • (Rose is moving very slow with the weights on her ankles) Rose: I'm going to the store, is there anything you need? Dorothy: Is that as fast as you can go? Rose: Yes. Dorothy: Don't get any dairy.

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  • This was planned to be the last season, but Bea Arthur agreed to stay one more season (7).

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  • Continuity: In this episode, Sophia says she was too poor to give birth to Dorothy in the hospital, but the season 4 finale has people claiming that their daughter and Dorothy were switched at birth in the hospital.