Blanche's Little Girl

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    Blanche's large daughter reveals she's engaged to a cruel, vicious, hateful man.

    By tvFanatic2008, Aug 28, 2010

    I absolutely hated this episode because of the way the character of Jeremy was written. He was just the rudest man I've ever seen on a TV show (guest star or series regular). I just kept wanting Blanche to punch him in the face, that's how rude he was. I do think Blanche should have stuck her nose in sooner, because this man was treating her daughter disgracefully. This was a bottom of the barrel episode.

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    Season 3, Episode 14.

    By Wanted23, Aug 12, 2008

    This episode was pretty good. I enjoyed it a lot. Blanche receives a post card from her daughter Rebecca. Rebecca is coming to visit, and Blanche tells the women she left for Paris to be a model. However, when she shows up as big as a house, it brings confusion and some clever and funny insults from Sophia. Becky's boyfriend is an ass, though. She even wants to marry the jerk, who wasn't funny at all. I enjoyed this episode because it was comedic and had a very clever plot. This is yet another great episode of The Golden Girls. I have high expectations from the show's history, and they haven't let me down.moreless

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  • 7.5

    A dramedy...

    By supercin721, Sep 04, 2007

    I describe this episode as a dramedy because there was nothing funny about the Blanche storyline and everything funny with the Sophia bits. Blanche's daughter returns overweight and bethrothed to jerky Jeremy. Sophia argues with her boss. It is a terrible thing to be overweight and deal with the snide remarks and low self-esteem. Jeremy's character was nothing but demeaning and disgusting. Thankfully, Blanche did stick her nose in and, providing relief, Dorothy (my favorite) made her own comments back. In the end, the story is complete and Blanche's daughter has found herself when she rejects her beau. It is a necessary step in discovering one's own self-worth. Sophia is hilarious and her story allows the more dramatic piece to not only stand out as such but to also provide levity to the half hour show. Not everything on a sitcom is all about the chuckles.moreless

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