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    These four at a Madonna concert of all places. LOL

    By peachysquirt21, Apr 12, 2007

    Where do I begin with this episode. OMG I crack up every time I watch this episode. It is one of my top faves of the Golden Girls. The subject of this episode is a serious one but the Golden Girls made it just a little extra special with the humor. I think having these four going to a Madonna concert is just hysterical. Rose of all people should not be handling a gun & that is apparent in this episode. I cannot help but laugh at her when she comes home with the gun in her knitting bag. LOL Then her showing her target pratice paper & there is not one hole in it. LMAO My fave line is when Sophia is talking about all the things she has went thru & survived in her life & then says "One night I will belch & stable mable will blow my head off".moreless

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    You've got nothing to fear, but fear itself. And of course the boogie man.

    By tvFanatic2008, Oct 26, 2006

    The girls return home from a Madonna concert to find that the house has been robbed. And of all of them, Rose takes it the worst of all. So, she decides to buy a gun to protect them. It was refreshing to see Rose dimwitted but with heart and see how she conquered her fear.

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