Bringing Up Baby

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    Rose inherit her uncle farm pig

    By yuki_megami, Feb 17, 2007

    It all start when an lawyer came and tell Rose,that her uncle has passed away and she inherit his baby and to take care of it.However the girls thought it was an baby person.But when Baby arrives it turns out to be an Pig.Rose is excited of taking care of the baby.But if something happened to the baby they would earn 100,000 dollers.The girls thinking of the money when Baby was sick tooked advantage of the sickness allowing it to stay just to buy some stuff.So Rose decided to send Baby home but in the end he passed away.The girls missed their chance of getting the money.moreless

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    Rose gets a letter from home, explaining that they will leave her a baby. Assuming it's a real baby, the girls decide to take him, only to find out he's a pig. They would decline, but they think again when they learn the pig equals a large sum of money.

    By amcfan84, Jan 10, 2006

    Not a very good episode, it is one of the sillier, more unbelievable ones. Many of the episodes also have the same idea as this one--that friendship is more important than money. I think that point could have been made in a better and more believable way than this episode.

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