Bringing Up Baby

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  • 6.8

    The girls take in a pig just for $100,000.

    By tvFanatic2008, Oct 09, 2006

    Okay the whole story seems a bit bizzarre. The three girls (Blanche, Dorothy and Sophia) just proved to be selfish, and although it was funny, they should have understood that this pig meant something to Rose. I did find funny however, that if they had kept him a few days longer, they would have gotten the money. The funniest part was watching them get towed away and Sophia is trying to rub it in Feinbaum's face.

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  • 5.0

    Rose gets a letter from home, explaining that they will leave her a baby. Assuming it's a real baby, the girls decide to take him, only to find out he's a pig. They would decline, but they think again when they learn the pig equals a large sum of money.

    By amcfan84, Jan 10, 2006

    Not a very good episode, it is one of the sillier, more unbelievable ones. Many of the episodes also have the same idea as this one--that friendship is more important than money. I think that point could have been made in a better and more believable way than this episode.

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