Brotherly Love

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  • (Stan had just cut in on Dorothy dancing with Ted)
    Stan: Dorothy, you're not moving. Reminds me of our wedding night.

  • (fighting with Blanche about who's a slut)
    Dorothy: Haven't you heard the latest ads? 'Join the navy; see the world; sleep with Blanche Devereaux'. 'Join the army; be all you can be; sleep with Blanche Devereaux'. 'The marines are looking for a few good men who haven't slept with Blanche Devereaux'!

  • (Stan believes Blanche has slept with his brother, and keeps insinuating as such)
    Blanche: Stan, what are you talking about?
    Stan: Oh. I get it; 'play dumb'. I can play dumb.
    Sophia: Play? You could manage the team!

  • Dorothy: Ted and I just talked all night. Sophia: Sure, and the Godfather made all of his money selling olive oil.

  • Dorothy: Blanche, I didn't know you were in here. Blanche: I was hiding behind the drapes. Dorothy: What is this, Hamlet?

  • Blanche: Try counting sheep! Rose: I can't count sheep, I'm allergic to them. So then I tried counting members of the Jackson family: Michael, Janet, Latoya, Tito. Blanche: Rose! (rushing Rose out of the room) Rose: And then there was Stonewall Jackson but I don't remember him from the Victory tour.

  • Ted: I'm from Minneapolis. Rose: Minneapolis, Minnesota? Sophia: No Minneapolis, France. Rose: Oh, I'm from Minnesota. Ted: I'm from Minnesota too. Rose: Then you've just moved to France?

  • Stan: You shouldn't keep the door open in the back like that. Any idiot could just walk in. Sophia: Any idiot just did!

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Notes (2)

  • McLean Stevenson along with Betty White made frequent guest spots on Match Game in the 70's and 80's.

  • The background shot during the closing credits features Dorothy, Sophia and Rose at the kitchen table, while Blanche stands with her hand on Dorothy's chair looking on.

Allusions (3)

  • Sophia: and The Godfather made all his money selling olive oil.

    Sophia is likely referencing the 1972 classic, 'The Godfather', in which the Don (or leader) of a mafia/organized crime family, tried to appear to have a legitimate front (such as selling olive oil) to hide their more sinister, illegal activities.

  • Blanche: (comes out from behind curtains I forgive you. Dorothy: Honey, where did you come from? Blanche: Oh, I was hidin' behind the drapes. Dorothy: What is this, Hamlet? This is an allusion to the character Polonius in Shakespeare's, Hamlet, when Polonius hides behind the curtains, while evesdropping on Hamlet and Gertrude's conversation.

  • Dorothy: (about Rose) She's Gary Hart's campaign manager. It doesn't pay much, but you doesn't have to get out of bed to do it. In 1987, the Miami Herald accused ex-Senator Gary Hart of infidelity. Not long after, the same paper caught him on his boat with a 29-year-old model, Donna Rice, sitting on his lap. When the story broke, Hart dropped out of the 1988 Presidential race.