Dateline: Miami

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    I am not a fan of flashback episodes and this episode seemed to be a bit too silly.

    By tvFanatic2008, Jan 15, 2011

    Dorothy goes out on a date and isn't involved at all except in the first and last scene. The other girls discuss previous failed dates. It was just too weird and there was no point to it. The only part that was kind of funny was Blanche trying to turn that weirdo priest on. This was not my favorite episode of season seven.

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    Season 7, Episode 7.

    By Wanted23, Aug 19, 2008

    Dorothy is very happy in the beginning of the episode. When Sophia says that only one thing makes her this happy, Rose asks Sophia if she is going back to Shady Pines! Haha! Dorothy has a date and Blanche doesn't! On a Saturday Night! It's OK, though, Blanche gets lucky on a Tuesday morning! Rose always hated Dorothy! Haha, wow! This episode is very good. Alan, Rose's blind date many years ago, has many girlfriends! One's pregnant! And she's his student! He even dated the male waiter! LMAO! This episode was too hilarious! He is arrested because he was the Freeway Flasher! Wow! Great episode! 10/10.moreless

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