Dateline: Miami

Trivia, Quotes, Notes and Allusions

Quotes (5)

  • Dorothy: You're just jealous because I have a date on a Saturday night and you don't. Blanche: Saturday night is kid stuff. Get lucky on a Tuesday morning, then call me. Dorothy: I guess I'm just not attracted to crossing guards. Blanche: If a man sets up a folding chair outside my house, I want to know more!

  • Blanche: Dorothy Zbornak has a date on a Saturday night when Blanche Deveraux does not. Sounds like an idea for a Stephen King book.

  • Blanche: I've been disrobing for Doctor Lee Kagen for three years, why would he take you out when he's seen the promised land? Dorothy: I don't know, too many squatters?

  • Blanche: Why're you so happy? Sophia: If I know my Dorothy, there's only one thing in the world that could make her this happy. Rose: You're going back to Shady Pines?

  • Rose: (on date with rude jerk) Say. Do these serve googenflerten?

Notes (2)

  • This episode is the last to feature Lyn Greene as Young Adult Dorothy Petrillo Zbornak.

  • It appears Rose has had two boyfriends named Arnie, the jerk identified here (played by Lenny Wolpe) and the one played by Harold Gould in "Rose the Prude".

Trivia (3)

  • In one of Sophia's flashbacks, she remembers how Dorothy tells her she was pregnant. ¬†However, in Season 3's "Brotherly Love", she claims that Dorothy didn't tell her until 4 days after she (Dorothy) and Stan were married.

  • This is the final episode, with the exception of the finale, to feature music over the credits. The rest of the season would feature tags/codas, which are a short final scene, over the credits.

  • In Sophia's flashback to 1949, her house has a television in the living room. However; in another episode Sophia and Dorothy flashback to the 1950s and Dorothy is going to buy Sophia her first television set.

Allusions (1)

  • Blanche mentions that Stephen Kingshould write a novel about the fact that Dorothy has a date and she (Blanche) does not.

    Stephen King is a horror/suspense novelist, most famous for such novels asCarrie, Misery,and The Green Mile.