Ebb Tide

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Quotes (1)

  • Dorothy: [reading the newspaper] Miami will be busy this weekend with ten major conventions. Listen to this. ...the highlight being the Citrus Festival Ball, which is being chaired this year by 35-year-old Blanche Devereaux. How much did that cost you?
    Blanche: I don't have to pay for my compliments.
    Dorothy: You went to bed with him.
    Blanche: Twice. But, it's not like I wouldn't have anyway.

Notes (3)

  • Ebb Tide is used in two other episode titles, Ebb Tide's Revenge and Ebb Tide VI: The Wrath of Stan.

  • Given that their father had just died, where were Charmane and Clayton?

  • Sheree North reprises her role as Virginia Hollingsworth appearing for the second and final time in this episode.

Trivia (4)

  • When Blanche and Dorothy return from Atlanta, Rose gives Blanche her Citrus Festival plate claiming that she and Sophia had taken good care of it for her. When Blanche drops the plate on the ground and the plate shatters, the camera goes to Sophia who has a shocked expression on her face. However, when the camera goes back to Blanche and the shattered plate, the pieces of the plate, the sizes of the shattered pieces, and its place on the ground are different from the first shot where she dropped it. Meaning that they linked two different takes together.

  • Viewed by 31.4 million people, and ranked #6 for the week.

  • Big Daddy has just died, and yet there is no mention or sight of his second wife, Margaret, who he married in season two.  Not to mention, his two other children, Clayton and Charmaine are nowhere to be seen or heard of.

  • In this episode, you see Blanche back at her childhood home but Big Daddy sold it in the first season episode, "Big Daddy".

Allusions (1)

  • "Ebb Tide" is the title of a song written by Carl Sigman and Robert Maxwell which was recorded many including Frank Sinatra and The Righteous Brothers.