End of the Curse

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  • 6.0

    A pivotal episode but nothing really funny happened.

    By tvFanatic2008, Oct 09, 2006

    A pivotal episode for Blanche's character, but nothing really funny happened. I think Blanche could have been more off the wall about the whole thing rather than use the whole "Woe is me." She should have been crazier with the entire situation and that would have made the entire episode a lot funnier than it was. The only thing I found funny was the two male minks mating at the end of the episode.

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  • 7.2

    End of "The Curse". . .

    By hobermandob, Jul 17, 2005

    End of the Curse

    While not the funniest episode, this episode introduces to the world the issue of menopause, and how it is not the end of a woman's life, and how women can still go on, and still be sexy, even after 50. Which by the end, Blanche (Rue McClanahan) learns.

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    This, by far, is my favorite subplot on The Golden Girls.

    By Muke100, Jul 07, 2005

    In the subplot, the girls, not counting Blanche, breed minks. The conversation between Rose and Dorothy about spanish fly ALWAYS cracks me up! Rose is probably my favorite character. Her naive ways and St. Olaf stories (AHHHH!!!!) are always ridiculously hilarious! Betty White is an amazing actress. And to believe that she almost played BLANCHE!!

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