Home Again, Rose (2)

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  • Sophia: My heinie's asleep. Dorothy: Fine. We'll keep our voices down.

  • Sophia: Your mother loves you, Kirsten. Just the other day, she was talking about how much she misses you. Sometimes, mothers and daughters drift apart. Dorothy and I did. Dorothy: I put her away. Sophia: She sure did. But sometimes, it takes something like this to bring you back together. You've got to be strong for her. She needs you. Dorothy: (when Kirsten stands up) Where are you going, Kirsten? Kirsten: I'm going to go talk to the doctor about you guys. I think it's very important that my mother be with her family right now--her whole family.

  • Kirsten: They just brought my mother back from surgery, and.....(near tears) Well, she doesn't look so good. Blanche: When can we see her? Kirsten: I don't think that would be a very good idea right now. Dorothy: What did the doctor say? Kirsten: Well, he said that the next few hours are very crucial, and that even if she does make it, she may need a lot of physical therapy. (starts crying) And her insurance doesn't really cover that, and I don't know what we're gonna do! Blanche: Oh, honey, don't you worry about that. Why, if Rose needs physical therapy, we'll simply see to it that she gets it. Hell, that's why houses have mortgages. Kirsten: You would do that for her? Dorothy: Of course. Listen, we made a pact a few years ago that if anything ever happened to one of us, the other three would take care of her--kind of like an "added insurance."

  • Blanche: (in the dream where all three girls are just heads) Oh, I could just strangle you, Rose Nylund! Rose: With what?

  • Rose: Where are the girls? Kirsten: Oh, they're too young to come to the hospital, Mom. Rose: Not your girls. My girls. My girls aren't too young for anything!

  • Sophia: Kirsten, I know you're scared and upset. We all are. But you have to know that these two women love Rose like a sister, and I love your mother as if she were my own. Kirsten: Yeah, well, there's one thing you're forgetting. I am her daughter. You are not her family. Dorothy: Why does everyone keep saying that? We share our lives together! Kirsten: You share a house together!

  • (in Rose's dream, after the girls have died and had their heads frozen, 100 years later) Rose: How did you die, Dorothy? Dorothy: You know how they say not to lean over the ape cage [at the zoo]? They mean it!

  • Blanche: (after making a promise to God that she will never have sex again and sees a cute doctor) Oh, you are a vengeful God!!!

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Notes (2)

  • When we saw Rose's daughter Kirsten previously, she was a blonde, just like her mother. Now, mysteriously, she is being played by a redheaded actress.

  • The Previously on The Golden Girls is played after the theme opening, voiced by Rue McClanahan.

Trivia (1)

  • When we first see the three women as heads in Rose's dream, Dorothy comments, "We look like a reunion of Henry VIII's wives." ┬áIn fact, only two of Henry VIII's six wives (Anne Boleyn and Catherine Howard) were beheaded.