In a Bed of Rose's

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  • Blanche: No, I can't go in there. I have a thing against dead people. I haven't seen one, and I never intend to. Rose: Didn't you see your husband when he was dead? Blanche: No, I cannot look at dead people. That's why I can't even watch the news. Every now and then they stick a corpse in on you.

  • Rose: I've never done anything like this; tell a woman her husband's been seeing me. Blanche: And she'll say; well that dirty rat, I will kill him. And you say; good news darling you don't have to, he's dead.

  • Sophia: You don't think I can recognize death? I lived in a retirement home. Death visited more often than children.

  • Al: We've been seeing each other for a month, Rose. I've never wanted anyone so much. Rose: What about your place? Al: My sister's there. She's an insomniac. We'd have an audience!

  • Blanche: Alright, Dorothy, try this dressing and tell me what you think. It's called creamy zesty italian and it only has 1 calorie. Dorothy: If you ran it under the faucet it would have more flavor. Blanche: Shoot. Dorothy: Honey, beware of anyone who says 'no calories,' 'absolutely no charge,' and 'let's just lie down on the bed and watch television'.

  • Rose: I never eat chips. I don’t like them. They fall in my bra.

  • Rose: You mean I slept with a dead man last night?! Blanche: Honey, I sleep with them all the time.

  • Blanche: Isn’t it interesting how the sounds are the same for awful nightmares and great sex?

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Notes (1)

  • The background shot during the closing credits features Dorothy, Rose and Blanche on the couch, after Rose hangs up the phone after learning that Al is actually married.

Trivia (3)

  • In response the the trivia concerning the same circumstances, Rose is worried about sleeping with a man named Arnie towards the end of this episode.  Either this episode aired out of order, or the episode "Rose The Prude" was meant to be a continuation of this one, because in "Rose The Prude," Rose is worried about sleeping with another man (coincidentally named Arnie) on a cruise.  Is the the same man, different man, or just and oversight from Episode 3?

  • Blanche and Rose talk about what kind of guy Al was, and Dorothy and Sophia enter to confirm that he is dead. However, they both enter, like in most shows, out of the door which is supposed to be Sophia's bedroom. Al wouldn't have been in there.

  • Rose mentions that she hasn't been on a date in 3 months, not since Al died, and she's worried about going out with Arnie because she'll want to sleep with him. Therefore, towards the end of the episode, 3 months passes in a matter of moments.

Allusions (1)

  • "In a Bed of Rose's" is a play on the phrase "bed of roses," meaning an easy and carefree life, which is exactly what Al Beatty lived. Both versions of the phrase have been used as the title for many things, including a 1933 comedy film and a 1971 Statler Brothers album.