Joust Between Friends

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  • Blanche: Does Dorothy get the job? Mr. Allen: (distracted) Oh, sure. I don't care. Dorothy: Thank you, Mr. Allen. I hope I can live up to your expectations.

  • Dorothy: (referring to the dog) I just spilled my guts to somebody who drinks out of the toilet.

  • Dorothy: Ma, it's only 8 o' clock in the morning, what're you doing with the sherry? Sophia: Relax, I was just hiding it from the dog. Dorothy: You expect me to believe that? (the dog comes in and jumps in the char, Dorothy speaks to the dog) Allright but promise me you won't drive.

  • Rose: He better stay one more day, Dorothy, I don't think he's feeling very well. Sophia: Don't worry, it's just a hangover . Dorothy: Ma, you gave the dog alcohol? Sophia: I had some sherry while I rinsed out my underwear, it's a little thing I do Mondays and Thursdays.

  • Blanche: Eat dirt, Dorothy. Sophia: I can't take this anymore. Blanche, that banquet you're all steamed up about, they're throwing it in your honor! Dorothy: Ma, that was a secret. Sophia: Your secret, not mine. (to Blanche) Now that you feel like the dirt you wanted my daughter to eat, I think I'll go into the kitchen and have a hard candy.

  • Blanche: I'm so sorry about the way I acted, Dorothy. It's just that before I was always the best one at that office, and then you came along and suddenly I realized that any idiot could do what I do. Dorothy: And you were afraid you couldn't come up with the right words to apologize.

  • Blanche: Dorothy Zspornak, you back-stabbing Jezzebel, I demand you show me that paper! Dorothy: I'm sorry, flattery won't work!

  • Blanche: Dorothy, are you crying? Dorothy: No. I just have something in my eye. Rose: That's dog love in your eye!

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Notes (2)

  • This episode was videotaped on August 29, 1986.

  • The background shot during the closing credits features Dorothy (on the chair near in the kitchen), Blanche on the couch, and Rose (standing near the couch)after she has just let the dogs run in.

Trivia (3)

  • Blanche reveals how hurt she is that Dorothy came in and learned her job in less than a week. Well, first off, we don't see Blanche doing very much other than watering a plant and accusing Dorothy of molestation. Not only that, in season five Blanche talks about how she only works 12 hours a week directing people to the cafeteria.

  • Sophia tells Mr. Allan, whom she believes, is making lewd advances towards her, that she was married for 45 years. However, in season three, Sophia says she was married for 50 years.

  • The lunch sack that Dorothy is packing in the kitchen for work, disappears and reappears during takes.