Ladies of the Evening

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  • Dorothy: (after the girls are mistaken for prostitutes) "Ladies who will accept money?"...girls, do you know what he thinks we are? Rose: Waitresses?

  • Dorothy: Hey... you wanna fight with somebody, you fight with me. I did time in Attica. Prostitute: Attica's a *men's* prison! Dorothy: I know. I was there a year before they found out. Prostitute: [backing down] Sorry, chief. Didn't mean to ruffle your feathers. Blanche: Dorothy, that was amazing, how did you do that? Dorothy: I taught in the public school system. It's really not that different.

  • Sophia: Jealousy is a very ugly thing Dorothy and so are you in anything backless.

  • Blanche: My God you're Mr. Burt Reynolds. Burt: I hope so or else I got the wrong underwear on.

  • Sophia: (after Dorothy announces that the four of them will be taking a vacation while the house is being fumigated) You mean I get to go. I don't have to stay here and be gassed with the termites? Oh Dorothy, you're such a good daughter.

  • Prison Guard: Where are your friends Mrs. Patrillo? Sophia: (snatching the tickets out of Dorothy's hand) They're not here. Dorothy: Ma!. Sophia: Don't Ma me, you cheap floozy! Dorothy: (gasps) Ma, you would do this to your own flesh and blood? Sophia: You'll get over it Dorothy and if you don't who cares I'm going to see Burt Reynolds!

  • Blanche: You see that man over there? He's undressing me with his eyes. Rose: Do you want to move to another table? Blanche: Not yet, he's only half done.

  • Blanche: What's that big disappointment of yours Rose? Rose: Butter. I wanted to be Butter Queen. Blanche: Oh yeah. She was so good in Gone With the Wind I wanted to be Miss Olivia de Havilland myself.

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Notes (3)

  • This episode was videotaped on July 25, 1986.

  • The background shot during the closing credits features Dorothy, Rose and Blanche in their jail cell, looking horrified at Sophia after she takes their tickets.

  • In this episode Betty White makes a reference to the Match Game. When she reads the list of actors at the party, she reads Charles Nelson Reilly, in which he and she were semi-regulars during the 70s and 80s, as well as their appearances on the 90s version.

Allusions (1)

  • When Rose is telling the story of when she lost a competiton in St. Olaf for the title of "Butter Queen," an uninterested Blanche misunderstands and thinks Rose is talking about Butterfly McQueen. This references the actress Butterfly McQueen, who portrayed Prissy, the servant to Vivien Leigh's character Scarlett O'Hara in the 1939 Oscar-winning film Gone with the Wind