Love for Sale

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  • Stanley: (Bidding on Dorothy) $300
    Dorothy: Stanley, stop it, I'm not going out with you. I would rather bound and gagged and left on an ant hill covered with honey.
    Random guy: $400!

  • Stanley: (Bidding on Dorothy) $100
    Dorothy: Stanley, what are you doing here?
    Stanley: I'm buying a date with the woman I love>
    Dorothy: Oh god, not in front of people.

  • Rose: (Betting Dorothy off) If Dorothy's not winging her way to Molocie to assist Father Damion and his work with the leopards, you can find her hang gliding high above the Florida Keys.
    Dorothy: Rose, where did you get that?
    Rose : From your mother, before she and I talked I wasn't aware of any of it. (Finishing the card)She's a scratch golfer who under Jimmy Carter served as the United States Senate Majority Whip, and she likes to read
    Sophia: (To Blanche) I figured close with the truth, it'll kinda anchor the rest.
    Dorothy: (To the audience) I want to thank you all for holding this event when my hang glider is in the shop, Congresses in recess, and the leopards are on horaldo, go ahead Rose

  • Sophia: (explaining why Angelo didn't invite Dorothy to his housewarming party) It wasn't your type of crowd, Pussycat. Dorothy: Funny, you used that same excuse for my Sweet Sixteen.

  • Dorothy: (about Stan) Security, have this man arrested! He's a lonely male impersonator!

  • Dorothy: You'll have plenty of time to make a new batch of zabayones before Uncle Angelo arrives. Sophia: Good because these aren't meant for human consumption. Rose: (entering) Hello. Sophia: Hey Rose, try these.

  • Sophia: I'm not happy with my zabayones. Blanche: Maybe you just need a pushup bra. Dorothy: Blanche, zabayones is an Italian dessert. They're my Uncle Angelo's favorite. Sophia: Yeah, he's a real scoonja-sca-roar-roar-ror. Dorothy: Even I couldn't understand that one. Sophia: That wasn't a word, my dentures slipped.

  • Stan: (referring to the apartment building that he and Dorothy own and have given Angelo an apartment in for free) Fine, I'll tear the dump down and turn it into office space for Zbornak, Incorporated. Dorothy: Fine. Stan: Just don't blame me that it means putting your uncle out on the street. Dorothy: Stanley, that's blackmail! Angelo: But its got a certain logic.

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