Love, Rose

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    Rose goes through a roller coaster of emotions

    By damanray, May 10, 2009

    The reason i loved this episode is because it flowed magnificently. Every scene works really well and thats why the golden girls is such a good show

    My favourite scene is the second scene were rose tells the story about uncle Sam

    Rose: I haven't felt this bad since i was rejected by uncle sam

    Blanche: Well honey if he was your uncle it wasn't mean to be..... Its not like he was your cousin were the relationship might have had a future

    Definitely one of rue mclanahan's best performances'

    Blanche's character was written at its best during Season 2 which is probably why she won the emmy

    Issac Newton... classic

    and the newton guy was like the binary opposite of the great man

    Another great season 2 installmentmoreless

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    See how one fake love letter from an secret admeir can cause disaster.

    By yuki_megami, Sep 04, 2006

    Rose decided to put her ad in the personal ad.In hopes that she would get an date.Of course finding out that she couldn't.Until she receives an mysterous letter from an guy called "Isacc Newton" which made her very happy.Dorthy was happy for her as well too.When she was gone.Blanche begin to confess that she was that wrote the letter.Which got Dorthy upset at her.Telling Blanche that it was wrong and what if Rose wants to go out with him stuff liked that.When Blanche mention that she will say that Isacc is off somewhere.Little did they know that Isacc Newton is really in the phone book.But Blanche and Dorthy relized that they hurt Rose's feeling.Even though they didn't mean it.moreless

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