Love, Rose

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Quotes (7)

  • Blanche: Okay, let's get back to our dates! I want Howard to get me tipsy and take advantage of me! Dorothy: Blanche? Blanche: Huh? Dorothy: Howard is my date!

  • Rose: Is this your idea of some horrible joke? Isaac: No, I swear to you...I have no sense of humor.

  • Dorothy: Well we certainly can't let Rose go out with a guy who said yes to a date with a woman who just picked his name out of a phone book Blanche: You say that like nobody ever does it!

  • Rose: The worst thing about it was thinking someone really cared. Someone was actually interested in hearing about why I sometimes hate my job or why I like to eat my lunch in the park. It felt so nice to have someone. Dorothy: You do, Rose! You have us! Blanche: We're the ones who wrote those letters. And honey, we meant every word.

  • Isaac: What's this letter you keep talking about? Rose: I'm not talking about one letter, I'm talking about all the letters. Isaac: Of the alphabet?

  • Dorothy: (about the unreliable mailman) Next time you might try something a little more forceful than inviting him in for a Cafe Vienna and a warm bath. Blanche: The man was recovering from a hernia operation and was having trouble carrying his sack!

  • Blanche: (to Rose about dating) Have you given any thought to advertising? Rose: Oh, Blanche, I could never dress the way you do. Besides, I have to wear undies, not all my wool skirts are lined.

Notes (3)

  • This episode was videotaped on October 24, 1986.

  • The background shot during the closing credits features Dorothy, Rose and Blanche standing downstage at the banquet hall, talking about Rose's date.

  • Paul Dooley who plays Rose's date returns later in the season to play Dr. George Corliss in an episode called Empty Nests, which was the pilot to the spin-off Empty Nest starring Richard Mulligan.

Trivia (2)

  • This seems to go against Rose's character. In season one Rose doesn't want to buy Blanche's car because it says "available", and it doesn't seem like Rose would place an ad like this, because essentially, putting an ad in a personal's column is basically telling guys you are available.

  • Rose references a cousin Arnold in this episode who evidently lives locally in Miami, but who is never seen nor heard from in any other epsiodes.