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  • 8.5

    Season 3, Episode 24.

    By Wanted23, Apr 09, 2009

    This was an OK episode. There was nothing special about it. The plot was OK, the script was OK, from what I saw. I didn't watch the whole episode because I was on the phone talking. I liked that Dorothy interfered with someone else's job again, and she got Mister Terrific fired after the crew liked her recommendations and suggestions, but Mister Terrific himself didn't. Also, Mister Terrific is dating Rose! Haha. Not bad at all. I kinda liked that scene where they were both hanging, although it is so weird and I was waiting for him to drop her, even though I knew it wouldn't happen. Decent episode, which I overrated because the show is usually a lot better than this.moreless

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  • 8.1

    C'mon guys, it's actually quite funny...

    By readysetgo88, Aug 09, 2008

    I'm honestly not sure why everyone knocks this episode so much... It never seemed that bad to me. Yeah, it's a little lame, but it's still funny. Mr. Terrific is an incredibly pathetic character, but that's what's so funny about it. Classic scene where the puppet insults Dorothy while she's on camera. I love how she grabs his mouth and then he says "Yeah right, like that's really going to shut me up." Hysterical! The "publicity stunt" at the end is the only part I don't like. I wish they'd found some other way to resolve it, but it's not horrible. And the scene at the end where Blanche gets "arrested" for stealing the better bed is priceless. I really feel like this episode is seriously underrated.moreless

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  • 1.4

    One of my least favorite episodes.

    By tvFanatic2008, Oct 09, 2006

    The whole episode was ridiculous. Rose dates a children\'s TV star and Dorothy steals his job. Knowing Dorothy, why would she take such a childish job? Then the idea of seeing them hanging from the ledge was just absolutely ridiculous. Even the part about Blanche\'s bed wasn\'t funny. However, if reworked the bed story should have been the main story and with a little work the episode could have been better than it was.

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