Once, in St. Olaf

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    I find this episode quite funny. It's one of my favorites from season 6. It's just classic Golden Girls. Every time I watch this episode I laugh till I hurt myself. Truly a great one to watch.

    By rainbowman78, Nov 18, 2006

    I laugh and laugh at this episode every time I see it. It was hysterical when they lost Sophia in the hospital and then Dorothy and Blanche had to run around and find her. It was just to funny when everyone thought Sophia got the hernia by moving furniture for Dorothy. The parts with Rose finding her real father were touching but, as always, hysterical. It was quite funny when Dorothy and Blanche met Rose's real father and he got onto them for hitting Rose with the newspaper all the time. I also love the part when Sophia is in the elevator and thinks she's in heaven!moreless

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