Once, in St. Olaf

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Quotes (7)

  • Dorothy: Thank God you're allright. Sophia: Speaking of God, I made a promise that if He got me through this operation alive, I'd tell you how I really got this hernia. Dorothy: You mean it wasn't from moving the sofa? Sophia: Please, it's wicker.

  • Brother Martin: Don't I know you from somewhere? You look very familiar. Rose: I get that a lot, people tell me I look like Wilma Flintstone...not the way she looked on TV, more of the way she'd look today. Brother Martin: No, no, I can see that too, but you remind me of someone I knew from St. Olaf. Rose: Where every spring the ducks return? Brother Martin: Yes if we remember to throw out the corn...you know about St. Olaf?

  • Rose: Name? Brother Martin: Brother Martin. Rose: And your occupation? Brother Martin: I'm a monk. Rose: Thank goodness, I almost wrote down "Trekkie".

  • Doctor: Why is a woman your age moving furniture? Sophia: (looks at Dorothy) For food. Doctor: (to Sophia) Right this way. (to Dorothy) You make me sick!

  • Rose: You won't believe this but I've found my father! My natural father! Blanche: He's alive? Dorothy: He's in Miami? Sophia: He's an earthling?

  • Blanche: Did you find Sophia yet? Dorothy: Yes Blanche, I've found her a half hour ago and now I've hidden her again so you can find her."

  • Dorothy: Rose have you seen my mother? We've checked everywhere, we can't find her Rose: Maybe she's lost. Rose's Father: Atta girl, Rose, you finally got one!

Notes (3)

  • This episode was videotaped on August 24, 1990.

  • We learn that Rose's mother's name is Ingrid Kerklavoner, who died in childbirth.

  • This episode is the first, and only, appearance for Rose's father, Brother Martin.

Trivia (1)

  • In another episode Rose admits she was adopted and that she spent the first eight years of her life in an orphanage... in this episode she says she was left on a doorstep and was taken in by her parents at birth.