Rose: Portrait of a Woman

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    Season 7, Episode 22.

    By Wanted23, Aug 26, 2008

    Rose got Miles a golf club for his birthday! She wrapped it up and it was pretty obvious. Dorothy said Miles would rather have cash than a picture of Rose in sexy lingerie. LMAO! Blanche has erotic Christmas cards! Rose gave a shepherd a case of alcohol, and he gave it to his sheep. Wow. Dorothy has to put up the cones for Drivers Ed. Hehe. Dorothy's career day was hilarious. Everyone was saying "Joe Mama." Then Dorothy's old student says that he'll have to see what Joe says. Dorothy says, "Let me guess... Joe Mama?!" He says, "No, Joe, my business partner." Dorothy says, "Oh, yes... Joe Mama's with IBM." LMAO!moreless

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