Sophia's Wedding (1)

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    Lets see Sophia's best friend dies.She than meets an old friend.Who she hates the most than learns the truth.

    By yuki_megami, Aug 11, 2006

    At first Sophie hate Max because of what he did an long time ago.But Max,tells the truth about what happened and why he was the one who was protecting Sal.When Sal,didn't tell Sophia the truth.I was really surprise when Max came unnoticed.Dorthy finds the two sleeping together.Yes and it reveals that Sophia and Max are planning to get married.Of course Dorthy,does not approve of this.Yes and its the first time we see Dorthy smoke.We learn that she used to smoke.Of course she can't get out of it now.Also she was thrown out of Blanche and Rose Evis fan club.Which they made together.moreless

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