Stan Takes a Wife

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    Stan is finally act like a decent man

    By Koalabbilovey, Mar 17, 2013

    Sophia fall ill and Stan finally act like a decent man for one.

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    Stan almost grows up a little

    By readysetgo88, Aug 09, 2008

    I understand not every episode can be just one funny moment right after another and that sometimes it's nice to have something a little more serious, but eh... I'm still not a big fan of this one. It's nice to see Stan being so caring towards Dorothy, but one wonders why we don't see this side of him more often. It seems only natural to me that Dorothy is having issues with Stan getting married yet again, since it seems like he might actually be growing up a little. I thought it was unfair that Rose and Blanche worked so hard to keep her from "ruining" Stan's new marriage. Why should they care that much, anyway? It's not like they like Stan. It seems like they should've been supporting Dorothy's decision rather than making her feel bad. I never understood that.

    I'm glad we got to see a different aspect of Stan and Dorothy's relationship here, but it's not a very funny episode.moreless

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  • 9.1

    Stan takes an wife and get marries how does this make Dorthy feel?

    By yuki_megami, Feb 26, 2007

    It all started when Stan annouce to the girls,that he is engaged.Blanche,Rose and Dorthy are happy for him.However when Sophia,had to be taken to the hospital.When Dorthy stay in the hospital to wait to find out Sophia's condition.Stan stayed with her which gave Dorthy an second thought about him.She than told Blanche and Rose,that she was going to tell Stan,that she loves him and stopped the wedding.Rose and Blanche,tries to convince Dorthy just to let it go.When Dorthy was at the bar.She meets an young woman,who is going to get married.But is afriad that his ex wife would be there thinking that Stan's ex wife was better and would want him back.But Dorthy told her that she would have to let go.

    Pretty good episode.My favorite scene was when Rose said something about Dorthy and Dorthy pushed the chair near her.moreless

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  • 9.6

    Dorothy still loves Stan.

    By tvFanatic2008, Oct 09, 2006

    I liked the whole idea. No matter how much Dorothy makes fun of him, this episode proved that there will always be part of him in her. I'm glad they didn't get back together, but it was nice to see the other girls try to stop it, while Dorothy tries to fight them off. I was glad to see Dorothy showing some compassion to him.

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