Stand By Your Man

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    Blanche meets a guy at the library and doesn't realize that he's in a wheelchair. She has trouble dealing with it and eventually grows a little and deals with it. Meanwhile Rose, Dorothy and Sophia serve as a backdrop.

    By grewupwatching, Mar 16, 2010

    By season 6, the story lines were running a little thin. It seems that each episode only has one good story and even those are a retreads of the same idea. In season 4's Blind Date, Blanche has to grow to be with a blind man and now we see the same thing, only the man is in a wheelchair.

    There are of course some great lines, especially Sophia's 'we was po!"and "now my little girl is a ho!"

    The story of Rose with the puppy is just a bad attempt to remind us of Empty Nest, also produced by the same team as Golden Girls. It's no surprise that Bea Arthur was ready to leave after this season. In this show all she does is go to the library. GG is a great show, but was starting to run a little dry due to shifting writers.moreless

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    Filled to the brim with a moving storyline and classic, dead-on lines.

    By rainbowman78, Nov 22, 2006

    Yet another truly classic episode of The Golden Girls. I really liked how Blanche's character grew in this one. Too bad that jerk, Ted, was married. I was proud of Blanche, though, for throwing him out when she learned of this. Rose didn't really have a storyline in this episode, though. Her parts were mainly filler. Dorothy and Sophia had some darn classic lines in this episode. I loved the parts where Sophia pretended to be southern. I died laughing! I also loved the parts where Dorothy talks about her paper bird and what happened to it. Hysterical stuff there! A++!!moreless

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