The Audit

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Quotes (6)

  • (to Stan) Mr. Murray: Cut the crap, paizan.

  • Stan: We're going to jail, Dorothy. Dorothy: That's right Stanley, and please, let me know where you and Bubba are registered.

  • Sophia: What's all the noise in here? Dorothy: Nothing, I could just kill Stanley, he bought a corvette! without telling me. Sophia: So what? Your father did stuff all the time without telling me. How do you think I got pregnant with your brother Phil?

  • Stan: We could be in a lot of trouble, Dorothy, we could go to jail! Dorothy: Good, I want you to go to jail, and I want a big bald guy named Bubba to pick you for his girlfriend!

  • Dorothy: ...I'm just gonna have to sell some of my stuff. Sophia: Hold it! No daughter of mine is "Selling her stuff". It's immoral. It's a sin. And let's face it Dorothy, lately you can't give it away! Dorothy: Ma, I'm talking about selling some of my belongings!

  • (Learns that the auditor is bald and takes off his toupee) Stan: Paizan! Brother of the scalp! Dorothey: Oh God, we are going to jail.

Notes (3)

  • Viewed by 36.9 million people.

  • The background shot during the closing credits features Dorothy, Rose and Blanche in the pawn shop, with Rose with her hands in the air.

  • This is the second episode produced in season 3.

Trivia (4)

  • Goof: Rose mentions that in order to get her promotion, she has to become bilingual (speaking two languages), and begins taking Spanish classes.  However, as we have seen from many other episodes, Rose is bilingual.  She speaks English and Norwegian.  If she also spoke Spanish, she would become trilingual, (three languages).

  • Dorothy says here she is, flat broke. If she's flat broke, a)how can she afford the rent Blanche charages? and b)how on earth can she afford the elegant gown she buys for the museum fundraiser in "Charlie's Buddy?"

  • Rose mentions here that she studied Latin, albeit it's Pig Latin, but we've been told several different times that Rose never graduated.

  • Continuity Error: Blanche's character in this episode is in direct conflict with her character in a first season episode, "Adult Education." In that episode, she was offended at her teacher's suggestion that she sleep with him in order to get an A in his class, even reporting him to the dean. In this episode, however, she promises to sleep with the teacher in order to get the answers to a test.