The Bloom is Off the Rose

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    The best way to make a "special" episode.

    By amandasalzman, Jun 29, 2007

    I really think that this episode was great. My husband and I are fairly young and we love to sit and watch this show over and over, but this episode is one of our favorites. We always like the episodes that have a "special" meaning to them in the end. This one hits the spot. The writers of this episode showed in accurate detail that abuse comes in many forms and can be very deceiving. The fact that Dorthy sticks up for Blanche the way she does is wonderful, and in the end it makes Blanche realize how great her friend is. A "special" episode does not need to be too violent (much like the shows are today). This one gets the point across in a way we can all understand and sympathize, without too much abuse.moreless

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    Rose wants Miles,to be more exciting!

    By yuki_megami, Apr 05, 2007

    Rose begin to tell the girls that she thinks that her relationship with Miles,are boring.They were nothing exciting as her relationship with Charlie.Of course she told that to Miles as well.Dorthy feels that Blanche is dating someone that isn't perfect for her.Even the way he treats her.Altough Blanche doesn't think so its just the way he acts and told Dorthy,to mind her own business.Meanwhile Rose and Miles heads off to sky dive from the plane.However after revealing Charlie never done it.In the end,they decided to do it together.After learning the action that Rex did to Dorthy.Blanche breaks her date with him.

    Never let anyone take an advantage of you.moreless

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    Rose wants to spice up her relationship with Miles.

    By tvFanatic2008, Oct 10, 2006

    At this point, I still enjoyed the Roes and Miles relationship, until they went had had Miles admitting to being a totally different person. The abuse story with Blanche's date was good, because it proved just how desperate Blanche was to have a man. I enjoyed when she through the man out. All in all, a good episode.

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