The Bloom is Off the Rose

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Quotes (10)

  • Blanche: Well, I have everything I need…sun tan lotion and a string bikini. I don't want the fish to be the only ones nibblin'! Sophia: Or flopping around in the boat.

  • Dorothy: You're lucky. Most people in an abusive relationship have to hit rock bottom before they can get out of it. Sophia: Your bottom's a lot higher than most people's.

  • Rose: Are you excited? Miles: Dumbstruck. Rose: Oh, I know that feeling.

  • Dorothy: (watching Blanche fold some laundry) Men's underwear? Sophia: Getting a little misty-eyed, are we Pussycat?

  • Rose: Let's face it, you and I are Dull City, population two!

  • Dorothy: You actually had a good time at a thimble museum? Miles: Well, sew-sew. Ha!

  • Rose: Charlie had a theory. Even a trip to the bank could be exciting…if you wore a ski mask.

  • Dorothy: Ma, I thought you liked the Lunar Landing jigsaw puzzle! Sophia: Sure, Pussycat. It makes however much time I have left seem so much longer.

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Notes (1)

  • This episode seems out of character for Blanche. Although she has always been man-hungry, she has never been portrayed as a victim in any way. It is similar to the events of the "Facts of Life" episode "Magnificent Obsession". Blair, a flirt who never takes any of the men she dates seriously, out of character, lets a new boyfriend mistreat her and walk all over her.

Trivia (3)

  • Rex comes over to pick up some laundry that Blanche did for him. However, he remarks that it's too late to go out, which begs the question, why did Rex come all the way over to her house solely to pick up what appears to be two pairs of underwear and a couple of shirts (that look way too small for him anyway)?

  • In the very first scene of the episode, the laundry in Blanche's basket keeps changing, both in content and the fact that suddenly, it is folded.

  • In Season One Rose's character is so proper, it pains her to even mention someone having to burp, and now she has no problem describing what kind of sex she has and how long it lasts. Rose said early on in the show how prim and proper she was raised. Apparently the bloom is off that rose, too.

Allusions (1)

  • The episode title, The Bloom is Off the Rose, refers to the saying "the bloom's off your rose".