The Operation

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Quotes (19)

  • Sophia: (about knitting a wrap for her brandy bottle) You drink out of a paper bag at the park and suddenly everybody's your friend!

  • Rose: (about Dorothy getting hurt) It happened in class when she tried to do a Cincinatti Red with a double pullback. It goes something like this. (does a little tap dance) Sophia: Margaret Weinstein did the same thing when they changed her medication.

  • Dorothy: The doctor says I'm fine. Sophia: You're lying. Rose: Oh, Sophia, Dorothy wouldn't lie. Sophia: A mother knows when her child is lying. It's like bat radar! Now what did the doctor really say? Dorothy: He said I'd have to have surgery. Rose: Surgery? For what? Dorothy: (annoyed) For kicks, Rose!

  • Dorothy: I don't like hospitals, I don't like doctors! Rose: Dorothy, nobody likes hospitals, but there's nothing to be scared of. Dorothy: Oh really, Rose? What about blood? What about death? What about those nighties that don't close up in the back?? Rose: Well, anyone can make it sound terrible.

  • Blanche: When are you having the surgery? Dorothy: Never. Blanche: Dorothy, you just said yourself that it's a very common procedure. Dorothy: Yes, for the doctor, but it happens to be my foot that he wants to cut open!

  • Sophia: Fine, don't have the surgery. Let me suffer. Dorothy: Ma, it's my foot! Sophia: Your foot, my heart. Do you have any idea how much a mother suffers when she sees her child in pain?

  • Sophia: Knit one. Pearl two. Rose: 5, 6, 7, 8. (Rose tap dances across the floor) Blanche: Knock it off, Rose.

  • Rose: (in response to Blanche's stage fright) Hey, we all have our sad stories. Listen, Blanche, we've paid for our costumes, we've practiced for weeks, we told everyone we were going to be there, and you are NOT backing out on me! And if you melt into a puddle, well then, you better just break into "Singing in the Rain!"

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Notes (2)

  • The background shot during the closing credits features Dorothy, in her hospital bed, while Blanche and Rose, with their backs to the cameras, stand, waiting for Dorothy's reaction to their dance.

  • Actor Robert Picardo guest stars as a doctor. He also played doctors on China Beach and Star Trek: Voyager.

Trivia (3)

  • As Blanche and Rose conclude their first dance in the living room and they are standing, waiting for the audience to stop applauding, you can see a microphone over Sophia's head as she enters from the kitchen.

  • It seems in this episode Blanche reveals a secret about how she was afraid of dancing in a recital as a child and she was "standing in a puddle" and therefore wants to back out of the dance recital... but in other episodes she seems more than agressive in persuing actor/dancing roles ... The Sound of Music, MacBeth, Henny Penny to name a few.

  • In this episode, Blanche shares her fear of flying, but in "Nothing to Fear but Fear Itself", it's Dorothy who is scared of flying and Blanche is afraid of bald men. Dorothy's hospital fear and Blanche's fear of performing is never mentioned again.