The Pope's Ring

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  • Dorothy: (to Blanche, after finding out Blanche hired a detective for Rose) A detective? You're giving the gift of suspicion?

  • Blanche: Rose, has Miles started wearing bikini underwear? Rose: Actually, Miles did buy some bikinis - but just the bottoms.

  • (Sophia comes through the door just as Miles is walking out) Sophia: Miles, I'm glad you're here, I need to talk to you. Miles: Later. (Rose walks through the house and out the door) Sophia: Rose, this is really important. Rose: Maybe later, Sophia. (Dorothy comes out of the kitchen and starts to go in the hall) Sophia: Dorothy, I can't breathe! Dorothy: Not now, Ma! (pauses) Alright, but this better be important. Sophia: It depends. How important is ... the Pope's ring? Dorothy: (looking at ring) Alright, Ma, squirt me in the face and get it over with.

  • Dorothy: Ma, you stole the Pope's ring? Sophia: It slipped off. For God's representative on earth, he sure has sweaty palms.

  • Blanche: I paid with nature's credit card. Dorothy: You never leave home without it.

  • Sophia: This may be my shot at getting into the Bible! Dorothy: The Bible's a done deal.

  • Rose: I was an experiment at a college once, they tripled my IQ. For three days I was another Einstein, then they pulled the IV. Miles: Rose what was in that IV? Rose: Smart juice I guess.

  • (Sophia is in bathroom, Rose knocks) Rose: Sophia, guess who's here, the Pope, the Pope is here. Sophia: Oh, I've been waiting for this moment, my whole life! Rose: Oh, okay, I won't disturb you.

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Notes (1)

  • The end credits show Sophia playing cards with the Pope. On lifetime, this ending is not shown.

Trivia (2)

  • The ring Sophia has that she got from the pope has a large red jem in the middle.

  • When Miles asks Rose if she's ever made love outdoors, Rose says "just once" and proceeds to tell a story about Mt. Pushover in St. Olaf, which was a make-out point. However, in another episode Rose tells of dressing up as a sandwich in a St. Olaf parade with Charlie, forgetting to put the meat in between them, and then conceiving Kirsten.

Allusions (1)

  • When Sophia has the Pope's ring, and waves her arm over a glass of water, saying "Wine!", this is a subtle allusion to the first miracle of Jesus Christ. Jesus' first miracle was turning water into wine.