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    Dorothy is just too funny

    By damanray, May 31, 2010

    So stan is back and this time he has big news, Chrissy has left him

    'For a younger man'

    Dorothy looks stunned 'Younger than Chrissy, where did she find him, Camp Snoopy?'

    Stan vulnerable state leads to them sleeping together.

    Dorothy sees it as a night with a comfortable stranger, however Stan falls into the impression that it may be the start of something new.

    As Dorothy is forced to decide whether to pursue the relationship, one of the funniest scenes in the shows history plays out. The girls sit around the table and Rose tells the story about a midget who fell in love with her, who she didn't feel the same about

    'You wanted to make it short and sweet'

    'It was little things' 'I'll bet'

    'Before I knew it he'd falled for me' 'Didn't have far to fall'

    All those lines coming from Blanche.

    Hilarious episode.moreless

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    Dorothy's ex Stan returns after being dumped by his new wife. In the meantime the girls plan a vacation together without Sophia.

    By grewupwatching, Apr 02, 2010

    Dorothy spends time with Stan and actually feels sorry for him. Seems out of character for her. She still makes fun of him, but with all the anger she supposedly has, it just seems weird that she would sleep with him.

    This is the first time we see the writers stretch to make a story. Dorothy and Stan just happen to have property in Miami. A little too convenient. There is still some humor, like when Stan walks in wearing Dorothy's bathrobe. Rose and Blanche spit out their juice and it's great. Other than that, it's just an ok episode. Especially at this early stage the show should be concentrating on the girls.moreless

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    Ebbtide: The Return of Stan!

    By tvFanatic2008, Oct 26, 2006

    Stan returns needing consolation now that his wife Chrissy left him for a younger man, and Dorothy thinks she may be falling for him all over again. Meanwhile, Sophia is upset that the girls are leaving her out of their vacation. It was a funny episode in the sense that Dorothy still loathed Stan, but still respected him enough to feel for his pain. All in all, this was an episode of great character development.

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    Another look at Stan Zbornak

    By missrachel, Dec 24, 2005

    A few episodes before this one, we first met Stan at his daughter's wedding. And we saw how he left Dorothy for a younger woman and was seemingly happy. And now his younger wife has left him for a younger man! Dorothy couldn't believe it and asked Stan if she had met the younger man at Camp Snoopy! Stan finds the perfect excuse to try to get back with Dorothy by coming to Miami to sell a piece of property the two once owned. Dorothy does sleep with him which causes a bit of tension in the house. Also, the girls are planning a vacation sans Sophia. They're hoping she'll stay behind and watch the house. Sophia always seems to get the short stick. She is the oldest and smallest, but she's also the wisest. But, she does embarrass the others quite frequently and that's probably why they didn't want to take her.moreless

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