The Golden Girls

The Triangle

Season 1, Ep 5, Aired 10/19/85
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  • Episode Description
  • Sophia has been avoiding a doctor's check-up and when he shows up at the house, Dorothy finds herself with a new doctor boyfriend who later makes a pass at Blanche. But when Blanche tells Dorothy about it, Dorothy doesn't believe her. Dorothy accuses her of being a slut and when Blanche can't take no more of this, she orders Dorothy to move out.

  • Cast & Crew
  • Betty White

    Rose Nylund

  • Bea Arthur

    Dorothy Zbornak

  • Rue McClanahan

    Blanche Devereaux

  • Estelle Getty

    Sophia Petrillo

  • Winifred Hervey

  • Fan Reviews (3)
  • 'But he wants me I can feel it' 'Let somebody else feel it'

    By damanray, May 31, 2010

  • Dorothy + Blanche + a doctor=a love triangle.

    By tvFanatic2008, Oct 26, 2006

  • In this episode, both Dorothy and Blanche fall for the same man--Sophia's doctor. Dorothy and Dr. Eliot Clayton agree to date. While waiting for Dorothy, Dr. Clayton makes a pass at an unsuspecting Blanche. When Blanche tells Dorothy, Dorothy doesn't beli

    By mamacassfan, Jun 19, 2005

  • Trivia & Quotes
  • Quotes (20)

    • Dorothy: You know something, we are really lucky that we found a doctor who makes house calls. Rose: I know! When I was growing up in Minnesota the doctor made house calls all the time, for us and the livestock. Dorothy: You and the animals had the same doctor? Rose: Sure! Worked out fine... until the doctor started drinking hog linament and tried to neuter the Swenson brothers.

    • Sophia: You can't pick men and you can't pick pizza.

    • Rose: (To Elliot) Wanna see some Polaroids of me in my tennis skirt?

    • Sophia: Let me tell you a story! Sicily. 1912. Picture this. Two young girls, best of friends, who share three things: a pizza recipe, some dough and a dream. Everything is going great until one day a fast talking pepperoni salesman gallops into town. Of course, both girls are impressed. He dates one one night, the other the next night. Pretty soon, he drives a wedge between them. Before you know it, they pizza suffers, the business suffers, the friendship suffers. The girls part company and head for America, never to see one another again. Rose, one of those girls was me. The other one you probably know as Mama Celeste.

    • Blanche: He's lying. (Referring to Elliot) Look at him. He's twitching and blinking. He's lying and twitching and blinking. Rose: (Coming over to the door) He is blinking, Dorothy.

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    Notes (4)

    • The final scene when Dorothy, Rose and Blanche pick the better pizza - Sophia's or the pizza of "Mama Celeste". The girls choose Celeste's even though Celeste's is a grocery store frozen pizza.

    • Peter Hansen who plays Dr. Elliot Clayton in this episode is best known for his role as rehabilitated alcoholic attorney Lee Baldwin on the hit ABC soap opera, General Hospital and it's spin-off, Port Charles.

    • The background shot behind the closing credits features Dorothy, Rose, Blanche and Sophia in Blanche's bedroom when Sophia comes in to ask them to test the pizzas.

    • Notice that Blanche's robe is very similar to the one Jessica Tate wore in the television series Soap in the episode when Billy tells her about his affair with Leslie Walker. Talk about Recycling!

    Trivia (5)

    • Notice when Dorothy first goes to go talk to Blanche before Rose makes a snide comment, she starts to go into the door which is supposedly Sophia's bedroom. The scene cuts and she enters Blanche's bedroom. However, when Rose opens the door you can see into the hall, and you can see the door at the end of the hall, which is where Blanche's bedroom is supposed to be. The room they are in, while dressed like Blanche's, is where Dorothy's bedroom comes to be.

    • Blanche tells Elliot she is not accostumed to being manhandled. Well, apparently within a year or two, she's really changed her tune, because in season two she runs thru the house with a Santa Claus and in season seven she is appalled that the women don't think of her as the biggest slut there is.

    • The negligee Blanche wears while at the bar, is the same one Katherine Helmond wears in an episode of Soap.

    • Blanche pours Elliot a drink from the bar. In later episodes the TV is where the bar is.

    • Blanche is angry and offended at being called a slut, but in later episodes, she takes pride in being "the biggest slut." RESPONSE TO ABOVE: Not only that, but in season five Blanche tells Rose that she knows all about a man's history before getting intimate. That would mean that with all her one night stands, she must start her dates off asking who they've bauffed, before hopping into bed with them.

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