Twice in a Lifetime

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  • Rose: (feeling guilty about sneaking around on Miles) I hate me right now! Sophia: What a shame. We finally have something in common and I'm moving out!

  • Rose: Is it possible to be in love with two men at the same time? Blanche: Well, let's set the scene... have we been drinking?

  • Dorothy: Ma, we need to talk. I waited up for you until two in the morning, and you still weren't home. Sophia: Oh, yea, Girdie and I and some of the girls went to Wolfie's to pick up guys. Dorothy: I called Wolfie's at 11, you weren't there. Sophia: Guess who got lucky? Dorothy: Oh God!

  • Rose: (after Miles acts macho and tells Buzz to back off) Oh, Myles. I find this side of you very exciting! Miles: Well, it's the jungle cat in me. I try to keep it very carefully hidden, of course. Rose: (smiling seductively) M-R-R-R-OWL!

  • (Sophia moves back home and walks in on Rose and Miles hugging) Sophia: Oh, my God. Now she's with the other boyfriend. It's like living with Cher. (goes into the kitchen) Dorothy: Ma. Blanche: Sophia, you're here. And you have your suitcase. Does that mean you're moving back? Sophia: I don't get it. I'm gone a few days and the dumb one's in there acting like a slut, while the slut's in here being stupid.

  • (Sophia is moving out) Sophia: Ciao, Auf Wiedersehen, arrivederci and sayonara. Rose: Gee, she could have at least said goodbye.

  • Rose: (about dating her late husband Charlie) Charlie liked to do all the typical teenage things. When we'd go to a drive-in movie, he'd hide me in the trunk so we only had to pay admission for one... And after the movie, he'd drive me home, let me out of the trunk and tell me all about it.

  • Sophia: (to Dorothy) Look, the Seniors Citizens' Center is divided into three cliques - the hip group, the not-so-hip group and the broken hip group.

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