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    I love TGG

    By Koalabbilovey, Mar 11, 2013

    I love The part when Sophia came in and Dorothy said*Ladies and gentlemen, Roy Orbison!!* LOL

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    Season 6, Episode 21.

    By Wanted23, Aug 08, 2008

    This episode was the bomb! It rocked! Dorothy very happily tells Blanche that she is a "Yankee"... A "Yankee doodle!" Haha! Rose's dreams about Captain Kangaroo was pretty funny. I enjoyed this episode, especially when Rose gets mad at Barbara for lying to the Cheeseman. Haha, it was pretty funny. Sophia losing her glasses was pretty good. The sunglasses she wore were pretty cool... Considering she couldn't see in them. Rose's stupidity was hilarious, as always. Betty White is a very good actress and is excellent in fitting right into the role. Samuel Plankmaker is Miles' new Amish name. Haha, this is probably one of The Golden Girl's best seasons yet, especially when Blanche thinks Miles is a rabbi. He says he wanted to play a trick on them, and Sophia says, "Silly Rabbi, tricks are for kids."moreless

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