Zborn Again

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Quotes (7)

  • Sophia: (Interrupts the conversation between Rose and Abby) Excuse me Abby, I would like to inject some candor here. I would also like to inject a tranquilizer dart into your backside, but my dart gun was confiscated after the incident with the trick-or-treaters. In my defense, it was dark and I was unaware of this Ninja Turtle craze.

  • Dorothy: Ma, did you eat all this candy?!?!? Sophia: I was looking for the prize. Dorothy: Prizes are in Cracker Jacks! Sophia: Boy, you forget something new every day.

  • Sophia: So what was with the lip lock you had on him the other night? Blanche: Ooooh, what's this? Dorothy: Oh, it was nothing. I just gave him a little kiss. Sophia: Trust me, that was no little kiss. It was more like a dental checkup! Your whole head was practically in his mouth!

  • Rose: Blanche, I need to talk to you. Blanche: Oh, okay. Rose: It's about a friend of mine. I think she's completely taking advantage of me. It's as if she doesn't care at all about my feelings just because she's a lot younger than I am. Blanche: Fine, keep your damned earrings! (throws them on the table) Rose: Oh, no, no, Blanche, it's not you. It's Abby. Blanche: Oh, right. (takes earrings back and smiles) I was thrown off by the whole "she's a lot younger" part!

  • Dorothy: What's so funny? Blanche: Oh, Marmaduke. Look at how he drives that car. Ha ha ha! I love my comics. Every day, Marmaduke and Apt. 3G. Dorothy: I haven't read Apt. 3G since... 1961. Blanche: Oh, well let me catch you up. It is later the same day...

  • Blanche: Rose, I refuse to believe you have ever read a scientific journal! Rose: Believe what you want! See if I care! Hypersexual bitch.

  • (the girls are talking about a roleplay of Stan and Dorothy's new relationship) Sophia: I'm not playing Dorothy, although playing a sap on stilts would be a cakewalk. No offense, Pussycat. Dorothy: None taken, you cankerous little prune.

Trivia (1)

  • Goof (Continuity): In this episode, it is implied that Dorothy got pregnant in a Studebaker (Sophia says, "Don't forget the accident you had in that car...calls me grandma."), but in "Mary Has a Little Lamb", Dorothy says it was a Nash.

Allusions (1)

  • The title of this episode is a take-off of the phrase "born again."