Say Goodbye, Rose

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    By Sjoy, Sep 15, 2013

    we want to see the episodes on line, not just writing reviews! I signed in to your TV because I thought I could watch them online, not just reading.

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    Rose begin to date someone who oddly looks liked her husband.

    By yuki_megami, Oct 01, 2006

    Rose begin to date an guy name Bill.Who looked like her husband Charlie.Meanwhile an comedian stand up is held at Golden Palace.Matthew came to visit Blanche.When he told his mother that he decided to give up being an stock broker and become an stand up comedian of course.Which Blanche wasn't thrill of course and didn't approve of it.Cheuy decided to go under an stage name.Since he felt liked he sucked at comedy.

    Yeah this is the only episode that we see Blanche's son.Of course this is the first time we see Blanche's son.Since we only seen Blanche's two daughter Janet and Rebecca.moreless

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