You've Lost That Livin' Feeling

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    Marco Pennette bats 1000 again!

    By desperate_dude, Feb 01, 2009

    I looked at Marco Pennette's TV writing credits, and they include "The Golden Palace", "What I Like About You", "Ugly Betty", "Caroline in the City", and more. This episode, however, provides creativity that writers, especially Pennette, actually have. This episode is quite hilarious and is exciting how all the plot lines come together as one at the end. Clearly it isn't realistic, but it's always good to escape from the "real world" every once in a while and enjoy some well-written television. It's a shame, though, that "The Golden Palace" didn't get a second season. Must have been poor ratings, but with episodes like this one, they should have had a second season easily.moreless

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