The Gong Show with Dave Attell

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Quotes (7)

  • [on the water symphony] Dave Attell: There's something so beautiful about that, it's like listening to angels fart.

  • [handing out the award money] Dave Attell: 100. [to the crowd] Count with me. 200. Crowd: 400 Dave Attell: 300. 400. What are you guys? Home schooled?

  • [on Miss Ashley's performance] Triumph the Insult Comic Dog: Well I like Hooters, because I bang a lot of the dogs there.

  • [on Brian Posehn's score of 499] Dave Attell: And to those of you who are high at home, that's one almost as it can be!

  • [after seeing that Brian Posehn has his score card placed on lap] Dave Attell: Now Brian, are you ready to show your score or are you hiding a hard-on?

  • [after Adam Carolla is introduced] Triumph the Insult Comic Dog: Adam Carolla deserves better than this. Sarah Silverman has been blowing Jimmy Kimmel and Comedy Central gives her, her own show. You've been doing it for twenty years and look where you are!

  • [siren goes off] Dave Attell: That's the end of the show siren, that siren means we're done watching acts and now it's time to decide on a champion. Triumph the Insult Comic Dog: No Dave, that actually means the show was canceled.